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when someone gets a lyric reference you made and then continues with the next line



Creeping George and adorable John




is that ringo starr


this is definitely code for something

John had just said this:

Q: “Are you ever troubled with the hoards of screaming fans outside the hotel room where you stay, for sleeping purposes? Can you sleep through all this sort of thing?”

JOHN: “They never stay there all night screaming. You know, I’ve never known it.”

Q: “Well, last night they were up till about midnight.”

JOHN: (giggling) “Well, you know, I don’t even dream of going to bed before one!” (laughter) 

(from Adelaide) 



"There’s this insane attitude about women which really fucks me and my plans up. All that shit about me and Kurt—‘She’s just a money grabber bitch whore slut.’ Let’s get one thing straight: I adore him. I worship him. I went through all the shit and pain and inconvenience of being pregnant for nine whole fucking months because I wanted some of his beautiful genes inside there, in that child. I wanted his babies. I saw something I wanted, and I got it. What’s so fucking bad about getting what you want?" - Courtney Love